Jesus description in a Roman letter from the Vatican Library. 

I'm quoting from the book They Walked with Jesus by Dolores Cannon.
I'm not putting quotation marks in, so it is taken directly from
the book. Here it is.

In Jesus and the Essenes I quoted from The Archko Volume, a little-
known book written by Drs McIntoch and Twyman, printed in 1887.
These men had discovered written reports in the Vatican Library
dealing with Christ. One of these contained a description of Jesus
that remarkably coincides with the descriptions given by the
various subjects. After Jesus and the Essenes was printed I came
across another letter which contained a similar description.This
startling document was also discovered in the Vatican Library. It
was supposedly written to the Roman Senate at the time of Christ by
Publius Lentulus, then Roman proconsul in Judaea, a predecessor and
friend of Pontius Pilate. The following is his description of

This is a man of noble and well-proportioned stature, with a face
full of kindness and firmness, so that the beholders both love him
and fear him. His hair is the colour of wine (probably tawny) and
golden at the root- straight and without lustre- but from the level
of the ears curling and glossy, and divided down the centre after
the fashion of the Nazarenes.
 His forehead is even and smooth. His face without blemish and
enhanced by a tempered bloom; his countenance ingenuous and kind;
his beard full, of the same colour as his hair, and forked in form;
his eyes blue and extremely brilliant.
 In reproof and rebuke he is formidable; in exhortation and
teaching gentle and amiable of tongue. None have seen him to laugh,
but many, of the contrary, to weep. His person is tall; his hands
beautiful and straight. In speaking he is deliberate and grave and
little given to loquacity; in beauty surpassing most men.