JESUS IN YANINI PEOPLE
 (He had a longish face?) Yes. And of that coloring too.(Now in the
Aquarian Gospel it says he had blue eyes) Yes he had, because he
came from the Yanini. They had the blue eyes and golden hair. (You
say the Yanini) Yes. (What is that) The Yanini was way back in the
golden sphere that was many thousands of years ago and he was first
solar lord. And that in that life incarnation that he was a great
master and that all much look to him as a great spirit but had all
knowledge, all understanding and own complete vegetation. Man not
eat of meat of any kind. All vegetation. Man lived and had his
being but in constant communication to the divine spirit. And had
no separation between the two worlds, you understand this? (Yes)
And that by so they had awareness to the spirit world. They also
prayed, much prayer and much meditation. Hours of meditation but
with communication they lived and had their being. No pain, no
discord of body, everything perfect in harmony and that they also
had the small animals. You call small dogs. (oh yah) Much long,
long hair but golden hair too, but beautiful animals with blue eyes
too. They were the pets of the people. And so that man, also much
the woman make clothes much of fiber. So that this is how they much
made and cloaked themselves. But it was of the materials from the
vegetation and of the different materials grow. But then come again
the evil force that take man and that ask those innocent people who
much in devotion to take of meat that it give to them much more
knowledge and they believed this and that they kill. Then they
begin to kill animal and they eat of flesh this because they not
have teeth. This too was other thing. And that they not need teeth
because all vegetation. Yes.(oh ya) So that. That was way of life.
Then this bring because they go in to that way of life that they
bring great havoc to their people. So that this was the downfall of
the Yanini people. They were Gods people, chosen race too and that
they were the blue eyes and fair of skin but also golden hair. 
Christ being again who was the solar being and that he had all
blessings all in the temple must administer to the good of the
people. So many then break the laws. They eat of meat, they bring
much contamination to their bodies and that they had no antidotes
to put on body pains which they had never had before. Can you now
see my point. This bring the beginning of pain not god. The great
divine influence the great spirit not put suffering on his people.
Man brings that on himself. So that through the great travail they
were lifted back to spirit. This was great sadness to the divine
power to the God spirit. Bring then he recall people all back to
spirit plane. Much sorrow at such great travail. And that this was
the beginning of man's downfall. (Now wait now was this before
Atlantis) That was just before the Atlantis. Yes.(Was it at the
beginning of Lemuria) Yes. Lemuria come from there. (Oh a long way)
Yes. Yes. (Did the Norse people the Swedish are they the disendent
of these people) No. You could all be people. From that time.