Simon's House

Who was Simon or Bar-Simon?
Chapter 159 verse 1 states
Bar-Simon, who was once a leper and was cleansed by Jesus by the sacred Word, abode in Bethany.

Bethany is the same village where Lazarus lived and is located just outside of Jerusalem.
Before the crucifixion Jesus was anointed in his house by Mary, probably Lazarus' sister not Mary Magdalene, as stated in chapter 159. When Levi mentions Mary Magdalene he always says the full name. In chapter 159 he just says Mary. After the anointing Jesus goes over to Lazarus' house to stay.
After the crucifixion the apostles hid out in Bethany, away from Jersulem and the Jewish rulers who were out to kill them. It was in Simon's house that they found refuge.
Chapter 175 Verse 1 states
"The evening of the resurrection day had come; the ten apostles were in Simon's house in Bethany.
The lawyer, Thomas, was not there."
About a week later.
Chapter 177 Verse 22 states, I quote
" At Simon's house in Bethany the men from Galilee had met. It was the evening of the first day of the week, and on the morrow all would turn their faces toward their homes."