• Image of Jesus , Jesus description by his mother and in a roman letter from the vatican library, Christian Dates
  • Text for The Aquarian Gospel Of Jesus The Christ The size of the file is .7 of a megabyte, kind of big, it's a book.
  • Mini Biography of Levi Dowling-Author of Aquarian Gospel
  • Subject Index , and Introduction to the Aquarian Gospel
  • Where Jesus went to in his 3 years of ministry , Chronology of Jesus' life
  • The Trinity, God is 10 , Hope for the future, Reincarnations of Jesus, Simon's House
  • Jesus doesn't care if you confess your faith in him
  • Jesus resurrects others and himself, Jesus is not god, Jesus is the christ
  • Romans are not responsible for Jesus' death, The number of hours Jesus was in the tomb
  • True Adam and Eve Story maybe -Jesus in the Yanini tribe
  • Differences between the Aquarian Gospel & The Bible, 12 Disciples

  • Books on Jesus and the Holy Land


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